[eba kw="How To Draw Star Wars" num="1" ebcat=""] Cool video about How To Draw Star Wars, have a look: In this Intro...

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Cool video about How To Draw Star Wars, have a look:

In this Introductory Episode, Artist Matt Busch takes you into his studio and shows you the tools of the trade used to create illustrations for the STAR WARS universe. As Busch begins to create a 30th Anniversary Movie Poster, he runs through the process of creating thumbnails and collecting visual reference. You'll also catch a sneak peek at Matt drawing Darth Vader for the poster!

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25 Responses to “How To Draw STAR WARS: Episode 1- PREPARATIONS!”

  1. captinNoah141 says:

    Love it incredable work!!!!

  2. leisaac1 says:

    hi Matt Busch dose it really matter if the book u can draw star wars is dk published or not and can u tell me the difference if there is

  3. leisaac1 says:

    this is so good it is my fave tutorial

  4. JONIMASAKIS says:

    i listen to star wars music when i draw too!

  5. 99alexcv says:

    nice shirt and i bet chicks do dig your ride

  6. mrbacon2010 says:

    i like ur shirt were u get it

  7. mobilnik32 says:


  8. ALDORCM says:

    5 stars ?


  9. fajflai says:

    this is excelent! very inspiring!!

    Thanks very much 5stars

  10. ExpressTeamSkater says:


  11. lordalvinIII says:

    This vader behind you is so cool i have only poster covered by glas :/

  12. Deltagear29 says:

    hey matt do you know where i can buy your 30th anniversary poster for new hope?

  13. ibslixter says:

    i can draw pretty well but not that good

  14. robbe1502 says:

    but you can not from quick skethes to draw so good?

  15. FreddyKrueger9999999 says:

    you know since i like starwars i usually think in drawing starwars the pencil is a light-saber

  16. HunterBigfootJR says:

    Amen to that

  17. FreddyKrueger9999999 says:

    this is a wonderful thing
    I like starwars better than halo

  18. theiceblaster101 says:

    genius!i would like to have that talent but i´m just a kid so i´m just practising=P

  19. lucasfan18 says:

    this guy is so funny, chek out his painting tutorial aswell lol

  20. DJSHADDY2K7 says:

    Hay matt Busch when will you puting out a new video on draw ans what kind off new paing and brush are out there.

  21. seahawk164 says:

    wow i like your drawings and thx for the insparation on keep trying i love to hear ppl tell me tht

  22. HullioProductions says:

    I have the exact same toy that he has in HIS right hand

  23. chidragon60 says:

    my problem is trying to draw the picture at a larger scale (like the Darth Vader one youre drawing) than the actual picture itself. it’s always out of proportion? any pointers? thanks.

  24. paate1 says:

    in the very end where u draw Darth Vader i noticed that u had a different kind a pencil do i need any other pencils then normal?

  25. RoomOfMusic says:

    thats awesome

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